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Jorge Linares calls out Rolando Romero for a fight, thinks he’s scared to make it happen

Jorge Linares says Rolly Romero talks shit but knows the level of fighter he really is.

Jorge Linares is ready and willing to make a fight with Rolly Romero.

Fight Hub TV just caught up with up with Jorge Linares to ask him about his recent confrontation with Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero when the two crossed paths. Linares said he called out Rolly for a fight to his face, who then balked at the idea because of what Linares perceives as fear.

“At the weigh-in I saw him at the lobby and he tried to say to my people ‘hey, don’t try to take a video’ blah, blah, blah” Linares said of Romero. “So then in the middle of the fight I was (sitting) close to him, and I tell him ‘you know what, let’s make the fight. Why you talking too much fuckin’ shit? Let’s do the fight soon.’

“He said ‘no I don’t want to (do) the fight, I need to talk with my promoter’ and everything like that. Listen, Romero. Let’s make the fuckin’ fight. I’m ready for you. Come on. But you know, and everybody know, it’s not easy for him. He’s fuckin’ scared.

“That’s so crazy. But I’m here, man.”

Linares would continue on by saying that Romero has long respected his craft in the ring and isn’t inclined to put himself in that sort of matchup.

“Two or three rounds,” Linares says it would take him to finish Romero. “He’s scared always. You see him, he’s not the same Rolly Romero from like five, six years ago. So he has some problem, mentality, maybe. He’s scared to receive certain punch. So I’m not the same guy as (Ismael Barroso)...I’m still in shape, training very hard, and I have focus and I have a good mentality in the gym everyday with Mateo in Miami in the boxing gym.

“And one more thing, I’m training with one of the best trainers in the world, Ismael Salas, so why he’s scared? Because he know already who I am. So let’s see. I’m trying with him or with Ryan Garcia or anyone at 135 or 140. I want to be ready.”

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