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Everything Terence Crawford said after beating Errol Spence Jr: Crawford open to Spence rematch at 154

Terence Crawford says an Errol Spence Jr rematch at 154 lbs is doable.

Terence Crawford says an Errol Spence Jr rematch at 154 lbs is doable
Terence Crawford says an Errol Spence Jr rematch at 154 lbs is doable
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

With Terence Crawford demolishing Errol Spence Jr in a one-sided beating tonight, many are wondering already about the contractual rematch the two have in place, with several questions about how it could go down.

Spence (28-1, 22 KO) has already more or less said he doesn’t want to do the rematch at 147, and the winner of the fight — obviously Crawford — gets to dictate terms including weight, with it then left up to the loser to actually activate the rematch clause.

But Crawford (40-0, 31 KO) says he’s totally open to doing the fight at 154, as he’d already considered another move up in weight anyway.

“It definitely doesn’t have to be at 147. I’m in the hurt business. 147 was kinda hard for me, too. I was already talking about moving up in weight and challenging (Jermell) Charlo, so 154 wouldn’t be out of reach,” he said at the post-fight press conference.

Asked how he would motivate for a rematch considering this fight went down the way it did, Crawford noted that he never underestimates opponents, and wouldn’t do so if facing Spence again.

“I don’t take no fighter lightly,” he said. “I’m always up for each and every one of the fighters I’m facing. Y’all know that from my past performances and how I come in the ring 110 percent prepared.”

Everything Terence Crawford said at the post-fight presser

“This meant everything to me. I want to thank Errol Spence and his team for coming together and getting this fight underway. This is a fight everyone wanted to see. The whole world was talking about it, and we put on a great show.”

On getting Eminem to walk him out

“I don’t know. I just threw a rock in the haystack and he replied. I told him to pull up, and he was, like, ‘I’m there, you’re one of my favorite fighters.’ He showed a lot of support for me and it showed what level I’m at in the boxing world.”

On whether he’s the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter now

“Without a doubt. The winner of this fight was gonna be No. 1 pound-for-pound. ... You got two fighters that was in the top five, how can they not be No. 1 (now)?”

On whether the fight was easier than expected

“Never. We trained so hard in camp that it may look easy in the ring, but these fights are never easy. They’re very, extremely hard, because we put our body through the most in training camp. I worked my ass off to get to where I’m at today. I even did things that were different this fight. We did a pre-camp. Came out to Vegas, stayed for a month. I’ve been working a long time for just this moment. It’s never easy.”

On when he knew Spence couldn’t “do anything with him”

“In the first round, I felt I had the speed and the power. I felt his power, and I felt I was the stronger fighter. That was pretty much it.”

On where he ranks himself all-time

“I’m up there. I always want to pay homage to the fighters that came before me, because without them there would be no me. Wherever they want to put me, I’m up there. It ain’t my job to put me where I want to be, it’s y’alls job to put me where I belong.”

On being vindicated after years of PBC broadcasts not even mentioning him

“I’ve been telling each and every one of y’all for years. A lot of y’all over here looking sad. ... All in all, I get to say I told y’all, because I’ve been asking for these fights for years, and y’all been saying, ‘He’s too small, he’s gonna get this, he’s gonna get broken,’ and each and every time I stepped up, I proved y’all wrong. Each time. Write some great stories about Terence Crawford. Don’t hate on him. Don’t say nothing negative. Just give me my props.”

On whether this eclipsed winning his first world title as his best moment

“No, not at all. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a moment to actually make me feel the way I felt when I was in Scotland (and beat Ricky Burns). That was my whole dream. I was filled with so much excitement to go all the way over to Scotland — me, the little bit of family that I had, my team — and to come back a world champion, something that I dreamed of all my life as a kid. My dreams came true that one night. This is definitely up there, because this is a fight that has been talked about for many years. ... Me always having to hear this guy’s name is, like — it’s a breath of fresh air that I get to breathe, because we finally did it, and now it’s done and over with.”

On what he might do after potentially beating Spence again

“I don’t know. In two months, I’ll be 36 years old. I’ve been boxing since I was seven years old. I’ve been doing sports all my life. I don’t know. I’ve gotta sit down with my team and talk about the future.”

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