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Brian McIntyre breaks down why Terence Crawford dominated ‘basic’ Errol Spence

Terence Crawford’s trainer talks about their plan for the big fight.

Terence Crawford dominated Errol Spence in a manner few believed possible.

On the heels of their dominating performance over Errol Spence, Terence Crawford’s lead trainer Brian McIntyre talks to Fight Hype about why the fight looked so easy for Crawford and what plan they employed to get the job done is such fashion. Check out some excerpts of what McIntyre had to say below.

BoMac on what he saw in Spence that let him know Crawford would handle him easier than most expected

“He basic, man. Remember Spence and Derrick were always saying — well, remember this last interview Spence said he’s good at fundamentals, ‘I’m fundamentally sound’. You can break that shit apart. And then after the first round (Spence) was slow as shit. He’s slow. He got that will and that determination but if you keep going upside that n***a’s head, man please.

“He was slow, look at the counters. Counters was fast as shit. He’s basic, he was basic.”

On how they planned to take Spence’s jab away from him

“Look at all of his fights. All of his fights he start with a jab and he’ll hardly bring his feet with him when he goes to the body, right. So he got a good jab, got a good double jab, but on his double jab the fighter that he’s fighting got to be placed at certain places in the ring. You can’t be still. Don’t be still, you can’t be still in the middle of the ring. And then once you get closer to the ropes you’ve got to move side to side or take a half a step back. Real simple. You heard me say it in the corner, ‘the only time he throws that double jab and is going to the body is when you close to the ropes. Make sure you have some room to work.’

“When you want the room to work, take a half a step back and you start coming underneath and start going side to side. And once Bud got his rhythm, there wasn’t no more ropes no more. If he did get to them, catch and counter. Real simple. Real simple.”

On if they had any concerns about facing Spence heading into the fight

“No. No. I wouldn’t give a damn if he was 200lbs. But this is where he fucked up at, his legs is too far apart. So what he does is he bring his size down, he brings his height down. When you bring your height down you start reaching as a fighter because your legs are too fuckin’ far apart.

“Once you start stepping, you start stepping, you start stepping, if your feet is not fast as your hands you gonna always come up short. But his feet was slow, his movement was slow, and his hands was slow. So that just made the work perfect. If you see the second round I said this ‘This motherfucker is not fast as you. Any chance you get to counter over the top, make it happen.’

“He countered over the top with the left hand and he came back with his jab, a two-one, that’s when he dropped him. Simple! He would’ve stopped him in the second round if that ten second bell wouldn’t have clapped.

“He was done. Go look at his balance. When he got up man, he was done. Even though the ref got him up and gave him his eight count and the bell rung, he laughed, he still was shaky. If Bud would’ve had another minute he would’ve stopped him. He would’ve fuckin’ stopped him, I promise you that.”

On it looking like one of Crawford’s easiest fights at welterweight

“Easy. Easy. Like I said before, they fucked up and let us grow into the weight...if they end up doing the same thing at ‘54 he’s gonna end up doing the same fuckin’ thing he did at ‘47. I promise you that, man.”

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