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Oscar De La Hoya talks latest medical issue with Vergil Ortiz, says move to 154 would be ideal

The Golden Boy promoter says Vergil Ortiz passed out from fatigue and dehydration.

Vergil Ortiz won’t be competing this weekend after suffering a collapse.

Following the habitual news of another Vergil Ortiz postponement, his Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya talks to Fight Hub TV about what happened and why he believes Ortiz will be better off moving to 154 going forward.

De La Hoya on reports of Vergil Ortiz fainting, causing another postponement against Stanionis

“His health is #1, obviously. You can’t step inside a ring with health issues. We were very concerned — we are very concerned. This is the third time it’s happened and we wish him a speedy recovery. Doctors obviously feel after he gets some rest and takes some time off, doctors feel he can come back and fight once again. So that’s great news for everyone.”

On if Ortiz just needs to move up to 154 if he’s having such difficulty with 147

“He’s a big kid so I think 154 would be ideal. I strongly feel that Vergil Ortiz was right there knocking on the door to fight for the world title. He was gonna fight for the world title but he was in line to challenge Errol Spence. He was in line to challenge Crawford, the winner of that fight. So it’s unfortunately but I strongly feel that Vergil Ortiz will come back stronger than ever. I feel 154 is gonna be his ideal weight to become a world (champion) very soon.”

On if there were indications during camp that Ortiz was struggling

“Everything was great. Until the last second, everything was great. He looked amazing. Stitch, I believe, his cutman, was saying ‘man, Vergil Ortiz is looking better than ever.’ So we were all excited and in boxing if you don’t hear any news, that’s always good news. So once we got that call, I kind of had a feeling that something was up, something was going on. So it’s unfortunate but like I said, his health is first and we’ll take it from there.

“The doctor said it was fatigue and dehydration. But the doctors say that it’s something that he can overcome. Absolutely.”

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