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Eddie Hearn reacts to Terence Crawford’s domination of Errol Spence

Eddie Hearn thinks Crawford has a real chance of becoming undisputed at 154 next.

Eddie Hearn weighs in on the big welterweight showdown.

As the boxing world reacts to Terence Crawford’s superb performance against Errol Spence, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn talks a bit about his thoughts on what took place and whether or not there should be a rematch. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Hearn on Crawford’s ass-kicking of Spence

“I thought (Crawford) would stop him but I didn’t expect it to be as one-sided as it was. One of my reasons for that was, one, because how good Terence Crawford was, but also because Errol Spence has more miles on the clock. And what i mean by that is the car crash, the retina operation, couple of tougher fights, I don’t think he lives as well between fights as Terence Crawford. But it was a total domination and just shows you how good Terence Crawford is.

“I mean, he’s a three division world champion, he’s a two division undisputed world champion. I think he becomes a three division undisputed world champion quite easily. And he’s finally getting the fights to showcase how good he is, but also showcase him as personality because he’s got a lot of it.”

On if a rematch is justified considering what we’ve seen

“It’s hard because when you do a fight like that it comes with a rematch clause, and a lot of the time it’s down to the fighter to exercise that rematch clause. Sometimes the crowd, the public, and the broadcaster don’t actually want to see a rematch, but tough because the fighter has that (right). It’s a bit like Okolie against Billam-Smith, right, he’s got a rematch clause, so you’re gonna have to see it again. But quite right, because the champion gave him the opportunity.

“Weird in a situation like Spence against Crawford but it is what it is. Now I don’t know the terms of that rematch warrant or allow for a fight at 154, but I would like to see Terence Crawford fight Charlo but I don’t think we’ll see that. Obviously he’s going to fight Canelo and then he’ll probably move up to middleweight and then the belts will become available. So maybe he makes a charge at 154.”

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