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Jim Lampley talks Floyd Mayweather vs Terence Crawford fantasy matchup

The longtime boxing commentator shares his thoughts on a mythical fight.

Jim Lampley says it would be extremely difficult to pick a winner between Floyd Mayweather and Terence Crawford.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Ever since Terence Crawford’s complete dismantling of Errol Spence Jr over the weekend, there’s been little question about Crawford’s all-time great status. So with that thought in mind, there’s been plenty of speculation about how Crawford might’ve matched up against another all-time great in Floyd Mayweather.

When Jim Lampley was asked by Fight Hype on his thoughts on how that fight might compare to what we saw in Spence vs Crawford, Lampley shared these thoughts.

“Well, that’s a completely different fight, alright,” Lampley said. “Because Spence has been given to believe that he’s every bit as good an offensive fighter or anybody else that he’s going to be in with. So he learned something different Saturday night.

“Floyd Mayweather never disabused himself, or the understanding that he was more of a back up counterpuncher than a go-forward counterpuncher regardless of what he did to Diego Corrales. And that’s a different kind of approach and effect than what Crawford achieved the other night. A Floyd Mayweather beatdown or one-sided win was much more of a paint job than what Crawford put together.

“Floyd Mayweather is an all-time great. Terence Crawford, I think, will turn out to be an all-time great. So it’s a very hard to pick and I think it would depend on what moment in Mayweather’s career and what moment in Crawford’s career are we talking about that taking place.

“Obviously we just saw what would appear to be the showcase Terence Crawford performance. Would you call Corrales the showcase Floyd Mayweather performance? Would you call Pacquiao the showcase Mayweather performance? I mean, where would you place that marker? Because I believe Floyd became a little bit more of a banker and was a little bit more conservative as he went along.

“It became more and more clear that he could win that way against anybody. It became more and more clear that he built his audience not necessarily so much from the style that he did in the ring as from the style of what he did on social media. That’s a different formula from the one that Crawford is using. So I wouldn’t want to pick that fight until I saw at what moment in their careers such a thing would take place.

“It’s always dangerous to pick utterly hypothetical fights that are never going to take place except somewhere in your mind.“

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