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‘This notion he ain’t ready is ridiculous’: Stephen Edwards says Jaron Ennis deserves shot at Terence Crawford

Stephen ‘Breadman’ Edwards doesn’t say Jaron Ennis will beat Terence Crawford, but that doesn’t mean he’s not deserving of his shot.

Stephen Edwards says just because Jaron Ennis might not beat Terence Crawford doesn’t mean he’s not ready for the fight.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Trainer Stephen ‘Breadman’ Edwards takes some time to talk to Fight Hype about his thoughts on Terence Crawford’s amazing performance against Errol Spence, and why that performance can’t just be used to summarily dismiss Jaron Ennis’ chances. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Breadman on Crawford’s performance against Spence

“One thing I said about the fight, that I always felt that Crawford was the puncher. It’s not just the power it’s the ability to land certain punches. So I kind of felt if it went to decision Errol would outwork him, and it would be a stoppage Terence would catch him with a big shot.

“I wasn’t expecting to see a perfect fight, though. That was a perfect fight. That was on the same level as Bernard Hopkins and Felix Trinidad 22 years ago. That’s how good of a performance that was. It’s nothing you can say, man. He was at his best when everybody was looking, he was at his best when his best was needed, it was just a remarkable performance.

“For all the young people that haven’t got the chance to witness that kind of performance in their lifetime, I’ve seen enough of ‘em, but that was a perfect fight. You can see fights as good as that but rarely are you going to see a fight better than that.”

On if Jaron Ennis is ready to face Crawford or if he needs more time to develop considering the Crawford we just saw

“Being ready doesn’t always mean you’re gonna win, but it do mean that you’re ready for your opportunity. I think Boots deserves his opportunity. Somebody had to give Crawford an opportunity, somebody had to give Errol an opportunity. I think he deserves an opportunity.

“Now whether he gets one with one of those guys, I don’t know, because usually guys fight guys around their same age (group), they don’t usually fight guys that much younger than them. You rarely see that, especially (against) a guy that talented.

“But this notion that he ain’t ready is ridiculous. He’s 26. Crawford and Errol was about 26, 27 when they got their title shots and Boots had way more fights than they had when they got their title shots. So of course it’s right.

“And I’m not saying he can beat Terence, what Terence did the other night was just remarkable. But I think Boots has deserves and has earned his title shot, whether it be with any of those guys or anybody else. But he deserves a shot.”

On if Crawford should automatically be considered to have an edge over Ennis in a prospective matchup

“That’s 50/50. Just because that happened to Errol, that don’t mean that happens to Boots. And for as special as Terence was, you don’t know if he’s going to be that remarkable again, you know what I’m trying to say? That was just like — he was in the zone, man.

“Boots is a talented kid and he’s 10 years younger. If Terence don’t fight him, he’s more than earned his right to pick who he wants to fight at this I’m not saying he’s ducking Boots, I don’t think Terence Crawford is scared of anybody. But Boots does deserve a shot at the title versus whoever it may be, whatever they decide to do with the belts. His shot is overdue.”

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