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‘Ring magazine don’t give me the love I deserve’: Jermell Charlo says he should be rated P4P

Jermell Charlo also isn’t a fan of the WBO elevating Tim Tszyu to full champion.

Jermell Charlo says he has haters in boxing media.

Following the Los Angeles leg of their press tour, Jermell Charlo takes some time to talk to boxing media members about his expectations for the fight with Canelo, before Charlo took a quick detour in the questioning to call out Ring magazine not having him in their top 10 pound-for-pound fighters.

Charlo on carrying his speed and power up to 168

“I’m already strong. Been strong, been fast. How about you tell the Ring magazine to put me in their top pound-for-pound,” Charlo said. “Yeah, that’s what I need to know, why Ring magazine don’t have me in their pound-for-pound? Where the Doug Fischer guy at? See, he’s a hater but I don’t see him (here).

“I’m trying to keep my demeanor the same way and positive and happy, and I don’t want to keep flipping back and forth but I am a boxer, dog. I get mad sometimes and I see people that don’t really rock with me and I think the Ring magazine don’t give me the love I deserve.”

On what he thinks Canelo will be most surprised about when they meet on fight night

“My speed and my power. I think he really gonna be surprised by my power. I’m way, way stronger than he thinks.”

On what improvements he expects by fighting at a higher weight

“My durability, not being drained and all of that kind of stuff. I’ll be able to last longer and have a good mental behind it.”

On the press tour being very tame with a lot of respect shown between him and Canelo

“I like it this way, I don’t want no problems. I don’t want to be out here fighting. I can’t get into it with you over here. They want me to be mad and have a fight, they waiting on something to pop off [laughs].”

On the WBO elevating Tim Tszyu to full champion

“I think it’s stupid, I think it’s foolish. I think they should give me my title. I think they should allow me to fight and become the two-time undisputed champion.”

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