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‘He already knows that he’s gonna lose to Canelo’: Tim Tszyu ready for Jermell Charlo to return to 154

Tim Tszyu talks being elevated to full champion but still wanting to achieve more.

Tim Tsyzu says although he’s accomplishing goals he’s still looking forward to what’s to come next.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As WBO interim junior middleweight champion Tim Tszyu is set to be elevated to full champion once Jermell Charlo takes on Canelo Alvarez at super middlweight, Tszyu says he’s happy that he’s realizing these accomplishments in boxing but that he still has desire to do much more. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Tszyu on Jermell Charlo calling the WBO’s plans to strip him bullshit

“Bullshit? A year and a half, a year and a half I was supposed to fight him. A year and a half and then he had the deadline. Rules are rules, there should be justice. You can’t hold a division, you know. It’s wrong. So if he wants that belt back then bring the other three along with it, because I want all four.

“He’s already talking about coming down, which means that he already knows that he’s gonna lose to Canelo.”

On what he’s been able to achieve in his career the past few years

“The funny thing is I keep chasing myself. I keep chasing what I want to be and what I want to become. So what I was chasing three years ago, I’m not content now. And for me it’s not an achievement. Before everything used to be about ‘oh, I want to become a world champion.’ Now it’s just like — it’s different. It’s different, I want the big names, I want to be recognized.

“I don’t want belts to be what I chase or to be part of what it is, I want just stuff that gets me up every morning.”

On the plans for him to be elevated to full champion

“Well, look, now forever in the history books the name Tim Tszyu will be written there, I guess it is a great achievement but I’m excited for what’s ahead. And what’s ahead, sometimes I just sit there and envision — never envisioned what’s going to happen to this extent — but, yeah, I wouldn’t say it’s scary but it’s exciting.”

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