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‘The world will be talking about Boo Boo after this fight’: Andre Rozier talks David Benavidez vs Demetrius Andrade

Andre Rozier expects Demetrius Andrade to put the world on notice when he takes on David Benavidez.

Trainer Andre Rozier says Demetrius Andrade has the tools to tame an aggressive David Benavidez.

During a conversation with Fight Hype, trainer Andre Rozier explains why he thinks Demetrius Andrade’s fight against David Benavidez will be his true coming out party, confident in his ability to pull off the win.

Rozier on how Andrade can avoid getting overwhelmed by Benavidez

“Usually heat will stop an avalanche. Heat will stop it and he’s gonna be presented with lots of speed. And we all know speed becomes friction, friction becomes heat. Heat becomes the thing that burns you, and that’s what’s gonna take place in the ring.”

On if he thinks Andrade has the power to stop Benavidez

“Well I’m not looking for him to look for a stoppage. I’m looking for Boo Boo to do what he does best: control the environment, fast hands, slick moves, uncanny timing. These things are all going to come into play and this is the one we’ve all been waiting for.”

On if it’s now or never for Andrade to make a statement on the world level as he’s had trouble getting big name opponents

“You’re absolutely correct. We can’t step back, we can’t fall off the line. This is his moment to shine. There’s a reason none of those guys (Canelo, Munguia, Golovkin, etc.) got in the ring with him. There’s a reason. If it was anything other than, they would be trying to fight him. But there’s a reason and they’re gonna find out when this fight takes place.”

On if Andrade is still in prime physical condition at age 35 fighting at 168

“Demetrius is a big man also, he’s not 5’8”. He’s tall, he’s long, he’s lanky, he’s very fluid. And this is gonna be where he shows the world what Andrade is all about. The world will be talking about Boo Boo after this fight.”

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