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‘I’m not Joey Spencer’: Erickson Lubin still has chip on shoulder, takes aim at Jesus Ramos Jr

Erickson Lubin says he’s fueled by adversity, and warns Jesus Ramos Jr that he’ll be a big step up.

Erickson Lubin warns Jesus Ramos Jr that he’s “not Joey Spencer”
Erickson Lubin warns Jesus Ramos Jr that he’s “not Joey Spencer”
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Erickson Lubin will look to get a big win and a potential title shot when he faces Jesus Ramos Jr on Sept. 30, in the chief support on the Canelo vs Charlo PPV undercard — and he’s sounding as fiery as ever.

The 27-year-old Lubin has, being fully honest, lost the two biggest fights of his career so far, first back in 2017 when he was iced in the first round by Jermell Charlo, and then in 2022 when he got stopped in a war with Sebastian Fundora.

But Lubin (25-2, 18 KO) says the losses have not changed his outlook or goals.

“The mindset hasn’t changed for me. I still have a chip on my shoulder,” he said on Tuesday. “I’m going into this fight very hungry. I have a young, hungry kid in front of me, but I’m young and hungry as well. You can expect fireworks. I’m looking to win and be in the big fights against the best guys in the division.

“I’m fueled by adversity. My first title challenge against Charlo brought me back to working real hard and eventually winning six fights in a row. I was winning the fight against Sebastian Fundora and losing fueled me to go back to the drawing board and work even harder.”

Lubin didn’t knock the skills of Ramos (20-0, 16 KO), but did warn the 22-year-old that this will be a big step up.

“Ramos is a real solid fighter. I watched his last fight and I thought he looked good,” he said. “But I’m not Joey Spencer. I’m one of those top guys in the division. I’m the cream of the crop and I’m here to prove myself. I want the toughest test every time out.”

He even made the connection to his own career: “I’m definitely not downplaying Ramos, but I was 22 years old like him and I took a step up in competition against a 27-year-old and fell short. I think history repeats itself, but in my favor.

“I’m looking for a one-sided ass-whooping. I want to go in there and come out with the victory, untouched.”

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