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‘I did my part, there’s nothing else I can do’: Regis Prograis talks status of Devin Haney fight

Regis Prograis isn’t exactly sure what’s the hold up in finalizing a fight with Devin Haney.

Regis Prograis believes he’s done everything in his power to make a fight with Devin Haney.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During a conversation with Fight Hype, Regis Prograis talks about where things stand with regards to a proposed fight against Devin Haney. As Prograis says, he’s already signed a contract for the fight and waiting on Haney, reasoning there’s nothing more he can do to push things forward at this point.

“Listen, bro. I did my part,” Prograis said. “That’s all I’ma say ‘I want the fight.’ I did my part, there’s nothing else I can do. It’s literally nothing else I can do to get this fight made. On my end they told me it was only on me, they said ‘Look, you the last piece. After you sign this fight is a done deal, this fight is made.’

“Now I signed, and come to find out he didn’t sign his part. So if Bill (Haney) is watching, I did all my part. Obviously I want to fight your son. I told his son I’ma fuck him up. After my fight Bill had him on FaceTime and I said ‘I’ma beat your ass.’

“I signed my part, I can’t do nothing else. If they sign their part, whatever. If not, bro, I’ll see you all later because I think we gotta see each other no matter what. So I did mine, you do yours, we got a fight. If you don’t yours, if you’re not feeling confident, whatever the fuck you wanna do, I don’t know. With Devin, right now, he’s trying to figure things out.

“I saw some other Devin shit that didn’t make sense. He said, you know, ‘I can’t make ‘35 no more...I’m gonna fight Regis.’ But then he wants to keep the belts at ‘35. If you can’t make the weight you can’t make the weight, you’re done. So don’t try to keep the belts...

“The thing is, it is smart. It’s a smart thing. When he loses to me, when I beat his ass he’s gonna say ‘I’m going back, I’m still undisputed at 135.’ So that’s what he’s gonna do, he’s gonna try to pull that off.”

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