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‘His date is November and we’re looking to make a huge fight with him’: Oscar De La Hoya talks what’s next for Ryan Garcia

Oscar De La Hoya says he’s been presenting opponents to Ryan Garcia but he’s been turning them down as he targets a fall fight date.

Oscar De La Hoya looks to nail down opponent for Ryan Garcia’s next fight.

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya takes a few minutes to share some updates on his plans for Ryan Garcia, outside of any litigation. De La Hoya says he hopes to land a big fight for Garcia in November, but has been rebuffed by the opponents he’s presented thus far.

De La Hoya on what updates he has on what’s next for Ryan Garcia

“Ryan Garcia, we have a date for him in November. We’ve been presenting different opponents to him, you know, they’ve been turning them down. But we’ll hopefully nail something down very soon, but his date is November and we’re looking to make a huge fight with him on that date and take it from there.

“I know it’s complicated because you have Rolly who’s on medical leave, so the world title maybe becomes vacant. There’s a lot of moving parts, but the truth of the matter is Ryan Garcia is coming back in November.”

On Garcia spending a lot of time with his good pal Floyd Mayweather as of late

“Good for him. Great for him. I think if he can soak up the knowledge — the boxing knowledge, I’m not talking about any other knowledge because there’s no other knowledge to soak up — but the boxing knowledge of Mayweather, if he can soak it up and learn, great for him.

“I mean, every fighter should hang out with legends and ask questions. There’s no problem with that. But I think Ryan Garcia, once he gets back into the ring, into the gym, at 140 he’s gonna be a forced to be reckoned with.”

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