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‘I know what’s in front of me now’: Chris Eubank Jr says Liam Smith won’t catch him unaware this time

Chris Eubank Jr is convinced he’ll avenge his defeat to Liam Smith this weekend.

Chris Eubank Jr says he’s going to take Liam Smith out in their upcoming rematch.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Chris Eubank Jr heads into this weekend’s rematch with Liam Smith, he says this fight won’t be like that last one where Smith was able to score a stoppage. As Eubank says, he’s refined his focus for this rematch and is ready to avenge the loss over his rival.

Eubank on whether he’s feeling more motivated than ever considering he’s coming into this rematch off a stoppage loss

“I believe so. This is the first time I’ve gone into a fight as an underdog, in a rematch. So it brings a new mindset, brings a new mentality, a new focus, a new determination that I haven’t had for a long time. And I’m excited to see how that transfers over once that bell goes.”

On dealing with the pressure to perform in this outing

“It’s either gonna make you or break you. A lot of fighters after a loss, they shell up, they lose their confidence, they’re not the same. For me, I use it. I use that energy, I use that pain, I use that frustration to fuel the fire. So it’s okay. I’m happy, I’m okay, I’m in good place, I’m in a good mindset. I’m an underdog, that’s okay. We’ll see what happens when that bell goes.”

On Liam Smith saying he’s a million percent confident he’ll score another stoppage over him

“That’s a big percentage. I hope he can back up those words because I just don’t see it. This isn’t going to be like last time where I go in there relaxed and comfortable and unaware of what’s in front of me. He set that fire. He’s a alerted me. I know what’s in front of me now. There will be no mistakes, there will be no openings, there will be no quarter given. I’m gonna take this man out.”

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