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‘Can’t do the work so they have to cheat’: Derek Chisora sounds off on Dillian Whyte over latest drug test failure

Derek Chisora shares his thoughts on Dillian Whyte once against testing positive for banned substances.

Derek Chisora discusses this weekend’s Matchroom card.

As Derek Chisora readies for his upcoming fight this weekend, he sounds off on old rival Dillian Whyte who has against tested positive for banned substance, causing his removal from the card. Chisora, needless to say, didn’t hold back his thoughts.

“There’s nothing changed, because these motherfuckers can’t do the work so they have to cheat, that’s a problem,” Chisora said. “Everybody who gets caught taking drugs, you get a 10 year ban, fuck everybody. I don’t see why we have to fuckin’ footsie around this shit for.

“There’s a problem with this organization, British Board of Control is a bunch of old motherfuckers in there now. They need to fuckin’ retire and let us young guys take this over. Because you take drugs — you took drugs, you gonna beat somebody else’s kid who’s clean. Okay, catch a 10 year ban, ‘go be a fuckin’ builder now, motherfucker.’ It’s the simplest thing.

“It don’t change because you got these people always getting money in their pockets...boxing is the only fuckin’ dodgy sport in the whole fuckin’ world, for the simple reason — you got Hrgovic there, yeah, who’s been the fuckin’ mandatory for two years for a belt. He’s gonna beat this guy and he’s like ‘uh, you’re gonna be a mandatory again.’

“He’s not gonna fight for the world title yet. They’ll go on because they know the belts, they aren’t worth money in his pocket.”

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