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‘This is my golden ticket’: Robert Helenius says he’s ready for short notice fight against Anthony Joshua

Robert Helenius will be fighting in back-to-back weekends as he takes on Anthony Joshua.

Robert Helenius says he’s still feeling good heading into this fight.

With 39-year-old Robert Helenius back in action this weekend against Anthony Joshua in a Matchroom main event, there will be obvious questions to Helenius’ preparation given the fact he just fought this past weekend. But fret not, as Helenius tells Fight Hub TV that he’s still feeling really good heading into this fight.

Helenius on if he’s feeling burnt out heading into this fight with Joshua, having just fought the previous weekend

“Yeah, after this press conference, of course” Helenius joked. “But yeah, I need to go to the training today just to keep it up. I done Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, training. Like, I feel good. Of course Sunday was a little bit sore but I took at little bit off, just went for a small run and just shake it off type of training and I feel good. I feel ready.”

On if he believes he can shake up the heavyweight division with an upset win

“That’s my plan. And I think that’s why I’m here.”

On what this opportunity means to him

“This means everything because I’ve been chasing world championship for 15 years and I have not gotten there. I have some injuries here and there and got big fights back in 2009...then I had a really bad injury so I’ve been long away, but I’ve in this game for a long, long time and I think this is my golden ticket.”

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