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‘People want to see these guys get knocked out’: Tommy Fury on fighting KSI and Paul brothers

Tommy Fury believes he’s the “caped crusader” of crossover boxing.

Tommy Fury believes he’s the “caped crusader” of crossover boxing
Tommy Fury believes he’s the “caped crusader” of crossover boxing
Photo by Jonathan Brady/PA Images via Getty Images

Tommy Fury will face KSI in an Oct. 14 Misfits Boxing main event, and it seems the 24-year-old half-brother of Tyson Fury has found himself a comfortable fighting career, casting himself as the “caped crusader” of crossover boxing.

“I’m like kind of the ‘caped crusader’ of all this YouTube boxing. They all want to see me come in and destroy these guys,” he said, referencing his February fight with Jake Paul and now the KSI bout.

“But one’s already been done. This one will be done in a matter of weeks, and then it’s on to the next challenge. ... People want to see these guys get knocked out.”

You’ll recall that back in February, Tommy Fury neither “destroyed” nor knocked out Jake Paul, winning a split decision where Fury was down in the eighth and final round. That one was a sanctioned professional fight, while the KSI bout is not.

Fury, who ostensibly has designs on being a “real boxing” star, also sounds like he may have his next target lined up, and it’s Jake’s brother, Logan Paul. Logan is set to face Dillon Danis (or Mike Perry) on the same Oct. 14 card.

“What the hell does Logan Paul know about professional boxing?” he asked, fairly reasonably. “He should not be commenting on any fights at all going forward. He should make sure he wins a fight first, then he can have his say.”

Logan Paul also recently spoke about possibly fighting Tommy Fury, calling Fury one of “four in this space who are making noise and worthy of headlining these events,” along with himself, KSI, and his brother Jake.

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