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‘My how the tables have turned’: Terence Crawford says Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia will never get a chance at him now

Terence Crawford remembers when Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia wouldn’t face him, and now that he’s the top dog at 147 he says he won’t be giving them an opportunity either.

Terence Crawford says he no longer has any interest in fighting Keith Thurman or Danny Garcia.
Terence Crawford says he no longer has any interest in fighting Keith Thurman or Danny Garcia.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Terence Crawford is not only the undisputed welterweight champion and top pound-for-pound fighter on most lists, but he’s also a man with a keen memory. Just recently taking to social media, Crawford has a laugh at the expense of PBC fighters Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia, who he recalls refused to fight him before but now want an opportunity. Crawford revels in the irony.

“My my how the tables have turned,” Crawford posted. “(Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman) will never and I mean never get a shot at the top dog and that’s me. Ya’ll hoe asses didn’t want no smoke when I wanted to fight, (re)member. Now ya’ll want to fight so bad. Go keep fighting each other like (before).”

Crawford, known for his ability to finish, didn’t stop there as he unloaded a series of more posts.

“All these fighters that was claiming to be they own bosses was hiding behind the term ‘call Al.’ Now they talking like they can fight whoever they want. Boy ya’ll some pawns, go sit down.

“Ya’ll created the whole term ‘he on the wrong side of the street.’ When in boxing have you ever heard some shit like that until I moved up?

“Did me dirty. Had all these people that don’t know anything about boxing trying to discredit my accomplishments. He haven’t fought nobody. Lies. But no one wanted to be that so-called somebody though.

“They say the cream always rise to the top and it looks like I’m the last man standing. I know ya’ll mad about it but it’s not my plan, it’s God’s plan.”

Crawford is supposedly in the works for a rematch against Errol Spence, with those particular details yet to be finalized. But that aside, it’s probably a safe bet that Crawford won’t be entertaining the idea of Thurman or Garcia going forward (not that he particularly needs either of those fights at this stage).

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