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‘He’s quit once, he’ll do it again’: Tyson Fury talks Oleksandr Usyk and new career goals

Tyson Fury says he’s completed boxing and now wants to top the Forbes list.

Tyson Fury is adamant that Oleksandr Usyk really lost to Daniel Dubois.

Tyson Fury appeared on Queensbury Promotions social media account to discuss a number of topics, including his upcoming bout with Francis Ngannou, his dear pal Oleksandr Usyk, and his new career aspirations. Check out some of what Fury had to say below.

Fury on Dubois’ low blow on Usyk

“I’ve been boxing all my life, two-time heavyweight world champion and lineal champion, second longest reigning lineal champion in history. It wasn’t a low blow. It was on the belt. And anything below the belt is low. When we go into the ring, when we fight, sometimes I have my shorts up high and the referee will say ‘Waist is high, Tyson. Anything here is okay, anything below that is illegal.

“But we all know that wasn’t a low blow. Usyk got beat fair and square. Fair and square he lost by knockout. Knockout for a body shot. It crippled him. And I just feel highly, highly sorry for Daniel because he should be the unified champion right now, on course to fight me for the biggest payday his life will ever see. And I feel sad for him.

“So, that’s boxing. It won’t be the first time someone’s been fucked out of something, and guarantee it won’t be the end of it. And that’s just the world we live in and unfortunately that’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

On if he believes Usyk is vulnerable to the body

“I don’t know if he’s vulnerable to the body or what. The face is vulnerable too. The body is like a quit. I saw something in Usyk the other day, he quit. He quit like a little bitch. And then moaned about it and cried about it and got up after five minutes.

“So he’s quit once already in my opinion. And what do I know, I’m only a world heavyweight champion, undefeated for 15 years. So, yeah, he’s quit once, he’ll do it again for sure. But I feel sorry for Dan. Dan beat him fair and square. Hit him on the belt line which is not below the belt...make no mistake, he lost that fight.”

On what he wants to do with the rest of his career

“Now I’ve got new goals, though. So everyone’s fucked. I want to top the Forbes list, highest paid athlete ever, for the year, and I want to make a Hollywood movie. So, yeah, new goals.

“I’ve completed the ring game. It’s fucked. It’s done. Done everything there is to do, won every belt there is to win and I’ve been undefeated in 15 years and two-time undefeated champion. So hopefully I get through Ngannou and then I’ll either fight Ngannou in a cage or I’d fight Jon Jones in a boxing match.”

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