Special like

I remember seeing an interview between Johnny Tapia and Tyson, it was brief, just an exchange. They were really enjoying each other's company. Sometime during the exchange they both confessed to being in Special ED.

They seemed to have slipped that former vulnerable skin to get to a respectable engagement between what could only be shared between figures of exceptional tragedy. But only in each other's company were brave enough to swing such confessions between themselves in the light of peering eyes.

Tragedy, mostly, is the breeding ground for a venture for people who have no other option on this planet.

Suttree among others, sad children of the fates whose home is the world, all gathered here a little while to forestall the going there.


Our fighters fighting this game among the going on among the common places we watch them from, dark straws they draw for the sakes of themselves and their families, reside, no! persist in this dear place that forms the helixes of unreachable circumstances most shy away from and they spell themselves out in the most graphic violence that never gives back what they came to pinch from.

So, let's treat our boys w some fuckin respect when they've earned it. When they're jackasses? They deserve as much shit slinging as the next fighter, all things considered. But this is a game for keeps. And the casual visibilities that tear at the seams of the sport, who some practice on the daily, are a pathetic reference into their unrelenting formalities of unrecognized valor.

A shame.

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