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‘Let’s get it on’: Conor Benn calls for fight with Chris Eubank Jr after his win over Liam Smith

Conor Benn says he’s ready to settle unfinished business with Chris Eubank Jr.

Conor Benn explains why he wasn’t impressed with Chris Eubank Jr’s win over Liam Smith.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In the immediate aftermath of Chris Eubank Jr’s stoppage win over Liam Smith in their rematch, Conor Benn gives his reaction to the performance before saying he still wants to fight Eubank himself. As far as Benn is concerned, Eubank did not impress even in light of his TKO win.

“It didn’t look great. Smith made him look good,” Benn said. “What, it takes you ten rounds to dispatch someone who got a broken leg, or two? So, yeah, I’m not really impressed. The game plan was to tie him up, get his work done and tie him up. And he stuck to the game plan.

“Eubank, let’s get it on. It’s unfinished business there. I wasn’t impressed tonight, wasn’t impressed. You could definitely see there was an injury, that’s all that was. I’m not impressed by Eubank at all. ‘

“You could tell Smith wasn’t himself. You could tell that the shots weren’t coming off, he weren’t able to get out the way of the shots, and that’s all that was. I didn’t think it was an impressive performance. If you’ve got a wounded fighter in there, take hold of him, get him out of there.”

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