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‘Canelo’s never seen a fighter of my caliber’: Everything Jermell Charlo said at the final press conference for Canelo vs Charlo

Jermell Charlo believes he brings something that even Canelo Alvarez has not seen in his career.

Jermell Charlo believes he brings something that even Canelo Alvarez has not seen
Jermell Charlo believes he brings something that even Canelo Alvarez has not seen
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Jermell Charlo says he’s been more focused than ever as he nears Saturday’s fight with Canelo Alvarez, which will be by far the biggest of his career in every possible way.

Undisputed super middleweight champ Canelo (59-2-2, 39 KO) said repeatedly that he feels Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KO) doesn’t respect his skills, which gives him motivation for this bout. And when Canelo stated that Charlo had never faced an opponent of his stature, Charlo replied that he’s not intimidated.

“That’s what I’m here for. That’s what I’m made for. I’m a warrior,” he said on Wednesday. “I did what I had to do, and now we’re at this moment. Canelo’s never seen a fighter of my caliber, and I know he’s seen a lot of fighters, he’s been in fights with great fighters. But there’s just something I bring to the table that’s a lot different.

“We share the ring on Saturday, and this is gonna be one of the most attention-grabbing, sparking moments. I appreciate Canelo for accepting me, ‘the little brother,’ ‘the little Charlo,’ but ‘little Charlo’ is coming to fight, ‘little Charlo’ is coming to win.”

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“We finally made it to this moment. I gotta be more than blessed and thankful and appreciative of everything that has taken place. Training camp was tough, training camp was really hard. I had to focus in a lot different.

“Canelo is a different type of fighter that you just don’t take for granted. He’s done everything in the sport of boxing. He has nothing to prove, everything to gain for me. I have so much on my plate. In order for me to continue this legacy, I have to be well-equipped with every tool in the box.

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“I know for a fact that the fans win Saturday night. We put on a hell of a performance, and you’ll see us back again for a rematch, because I’m living no (stone unturned).

“This is my moment. I’m gonna enjoy it. I represent the Charlos, I’m one of them Charlo twins, I’m one of them ‘Lions Only’ guys. Yeah, we said a lot of things, and we’ve backed it up. Well, I know I have. And so it is what it is.

“Respect, all of those things that people see in an intelligent person, the calm — at this moment in your life, you’re supposed to be like that. I hope someone else gets this opportunity. But right now, this is my turn, this is my moment.”

On Canelo saying Charlo doesn’t respect his skills: “That’s just what it is. If he feels that — I come to win this fight. No matter what he says, I come to win this fight. Believe in your skills or not. There’s a lot of people that don’t believe in you. But we shall see Saturday. If that’s his motivation, to prove his boxing skills, so be it. I’m coming to win.”

“I defined the science of boxing. I was one of the guys from the younger era, and I’ve fought my whole life. What I’ve been through in life, I feel like a lot of people can’t compare that, and he’s never been through that. Moving up two weight divisions, coming off injuries, I deserve to be in my position. Now’s the time I get to prove my skills and my worthiness.”

“Don’t overlook my experience, don’t overlook my power, and don’t overlook my skills.”

“You’ve fought some of the best in the world. That’s cool. We know. I understand that. Everybody in the world knows you’ve fought the best fighters in the world.”

“I’m ready for whatever, I’m a motherfuckin’ lion. I’m a lion.”

“It means everything to make history. That’s what it’s all about. We come back to these moments when we’re older and enjoy it. But right now we live in the moment.”

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