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'We don't see eye to eye': Jermell Charlo admits he's not on the best terms with his troubled twin

As Jermell Charlo heads into the biggest fight of his career this weekend, he's not getting wrapped up in any family drama.

Jermell Charlo hasn't spoken to his brother as he prepares for his upcoming fight with Canelo.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

After yesterday's final press conference for this weekend's fight against Canelo Alvarez, Jermell Charlo touches on his current relationship with his twin Jermall, and how the pair have come from nothing all the way to becoming world champions. Jermall, if you aren't aware, has been said to be dealing with personal issues that have kept him out of the ring for an extended period of time.

"This family affair thing has been really crazy and I try not to touch on that topic too much because at the end of the day I love my brother but I just think at this current moment we don't see eye to eye," said Jermell. " And it has a lot to do with what he wants in his life and what I want in mines is two completely different things.

"Growing up and growing apart from each other is just part of the nature and I have to tend to accept things just like I accept certain people, and I accept the good that come with the bad.

"So one day hopefully we speak again but right now I'm just not in a moment or a mood to want to deal with that havoc that he brings and all that kind of stuff. But I'm a dog, I'm an animal for my brother too so I rock with him. If he's not here for fight night, it's okay. He can't fight for me anyways so it don't hurt my feelings.

"I hope he get ready, get back in the ring 'cause it seem like I been putting on for the Charlos. And that sort of stems to the issue. I did this for us, I did this for Lions Only, and so I don't want nobody attaching the brand or bringing us down.

"I feel like we have had a bunch of hiccups on his end that has tarnished our character and our name a little bit. But I'll be the one that bring it back up, I'll be the one to continue to do it for us.

"I love my brother and I want the best for him. I want him to continue to be the world champion that he is."

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