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‘You don’t see a lot of fighters go to Canelo’s body’: Ronnie Shields talks keys to victory for Jermell Charlo

Trainer Ronnie Shields breaks down the matchup in Canelo Alvarez vs Jermell Charlo.

Jermell Charlo will take his shot at moving up in weight to challenge Canelo Alvarez on Sept. 30.
Jermell Charlo will take his shot at moving up in weight to challenge Canelo Alvarez on Sept. 30.
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During a virtual media roundtable, Ronnie Shields shares his perspective on the upcoming fight between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo. As Charlo is set to move up two weight classes to challenge Canelo at 168 lbs, Shields — who used to be the lead trainer for Charlo — says he believes Jermell will rise to the occasion.

“This is a big opportunity for Jermell and one that I know he’s not gonna take lightly, He’s gonna do everything in his power to come out victorious,” Shields said. “That’s what he does. He wants to be the best, all the time.”

Shields would continue on by mentioning that Canelo’s shown some vulnerabilities in his last couple of outings, but he thinks Canelo will be primed to quiet those who think he’s falling off.

“From his last two showings, Canelo has said he has injuries,” said Shields. “Now he wants to prove that he hasn’t lost a step. He’s a competitor. He wants his people to stay behind him, so I think he actually comes into the fight in the best shape he’s been in in a long time.”

But while Canelo is the one who’s mostly credited as being the bigger man, even if not in height, Shields believes Charlo’s ability to carry his power throughout the fight will make things even more interesting.

“Charlo is one of the few fighters who holds his power throughout the whole fight. You don’t get too many of those, but Canelo is also able to do that. It really makes this a great fight,” said Shields.

“Charlo has to make sure he wins rounds convincingly. You won’t win close rounds against Canelo. You have to keep pushing. Canelo has great defense, so Charlo has to be in great shape and push from beginning to end.”

As for a particular key to victory for Charlo to pull of the win, Shields says he’ll have to devise a way to get and stay in a range where he can take the gas out of Canelo’s tank.

“You don’t see a lot of fighters go to Canelo’s body, because it’s hard to get close enough to do it,” said Shields. “He’ll have to come up with a scheme to get into that position.”

And with Shields pressed to make a prediction on the outcome, he’s said he’s backing the underdog.

“I think Jermell Charlo wins this fight by split-decision.”

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