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‘I think he’s gonna be a bigger, tougher challenge than these other guys’: Tyson Fury explains why he’s fighting Francis Ngannou

The WBC heavyweight titleholder says the top heavyweight fighters all turned down an opportunity to face him.

Tyson Fury calls out heavyweights for avoiding him before saying he wants to challenge Jon Jones.

In a conversation with Fight Hub TV, WBC heavyweight titleholder Tyson Fury talks about why this fight with Francis Ngannou is happening instead of him facing another top heavyweight, such as Oleksandr Usyk.

Fury, who had some not so nice words to say about the other top heavys, says Ngannou was the only one willing to step up to face him and will present an even bigger challenge than the rest.

Fury on Ngannou having the confidence that he’ll be able to stop him

“Doubtfully. Anything a boxer can do, left or right handed, small, fat, ugly or pretty — I’ve seen it all before and I beat them all before.”

On Ngannou calling him a basic fighter

“I didn’t even hear him. Half of that I couldn’t understand what he was saying, so I didn’t hear him say I was a basic fighter or whatever. I don’t know.”

On saying it took a MMA fighter to step up to the plate to fight him

“A lot of bitches: AJ, Usyk, Wilder, Ruiz. I class them as little bitches now. You know, they’ve all had the opportunity to fight the GK, and they all turned it down for whatever reason. So good luck to them. Now they’re in the past, they’re all in the past. I’m looking forward to bigger, better things.”

On saying he wants to fight Jon Jones in an MMA match

“Jon Jones is on my radar. I’d like to fight Jon Jones next, yeah.”

On if and undisputed unification with Usyk is no longer a priority

“Has it ever been my priority? Did I ever say I wanted undisputed? It’s always been some little bitch’s dream, ain’t it...listen, I’ve got Francis Ngannou to deal with and should the other little sausage want to fight for undisputed then, you know, if he takes a small percentage then we might make it happen. But he wants a large bag that I’m gonna say ‘hh, no thank you.’

“The point of the matter is him and his team were shithouses. They got offered the fight at Wembley, it didn’t happen, and then we moved on. That was it. Now I’m fighting Francis Ngannou, who is stepping up to the plate and I think he’s gonna be a bigger, tougher challenge than these other guys. These other guys are just boxers. This guy’s more than that.”

On what he thought of Usyk’s fight against Dubois

“I thought he lost the fight. Thought Dubois beat him with a body shot and showed himself to be a little bitch pussy, what I always said he was. And that’s it, rolling around on the floor like a little sausage in a pan. Little sausage getting fried around.

“Listen, I’m back. Back with a bang, got my mojo back. I’ve been away for a while but I’m back now and back where I belong, back on top of the pack.”

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