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Fabio Wardley vs David Adeleye joins Fury vs Ngannou, immediately threatened by brawl-induced cuts

David Adeleye is Fabio Wardley’s mandatory challenger for the British title

Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou - Press Conference - HERE at Outernet Photo by James Manning/PA Images via Getty Images
Patrick Stumberg is a freelance writer for SB Nation, first joining the network in 2011 before linking up with Bad Left Hook in 2015.

Today’s Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou press conference was, appropriately, a s**tshow. Besides Fury bringing out his classic bits of going shirtless and expounding on the hypothetical virtues/shortcomings of his opponent’s genitals, the undercard began to take shape with the addition of Fabio Wardley vs David Adeleye, only for Adeleye to shove Wardley and kick off a scuffle that saw Wardley pick up at least two cuts.

Neither look that deep and they’re well away from his eyes, but as others have pointed out, they could compromise Wardley’s (16-0, 15 KO) ability to spar.

What makes this extra stupid on Adeleye’s (12-0, 11 KO) part is that this opportunity fell into his lap thanks to Ben Shalom’s cowardice, which kept Frazer Clarke from getting a crack at Wardley and forced the BBBofC to proceed down the queue.

I just do not understand the logic behind the whole “shove your opponent at a press conference” bit. It’s bogus theater; everyone knows that if you were actually trying to hurt the guy, you’d throw a punch, and you’re fast approaching an opportunity to do that legally. If you’re not committed enough to drop-kick your opponent off a car hood mid-interview, stick to harsh language.

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