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‘I’m a superstar, they’re nobodies’: Tyson Fury has no interest in facing other top heavyweights

Tyson Fury says he’s only fighting to make the most money possible.

Tyson Fury is out to secure the future of his family, not to bolster his boxing legacy.

Tyson Fury takes some time to chat with Sky Sports and admits he’s really only fighting for money at this point, reiterating that he’s not interesting in fighting other top heavyweights who he believes bring nothing to the table. That, according to Fury, includes an undisputed unification with Oleksandr Usyk.

Fury on his latest return to the ring, albeit not against another boxer

“When I come back into boxing I said I wanted to make the most money as possible, that’s what I said to my lawyer. I didn’t come back this time for belts or titles or anything, I come back to secure my family and their family and their kids and their grandkids. And I’ve done it. I’ve done it.

“The reason why I’m even boxing anymore, when I come back want to regain the belts, which I’ve done, and two, more than that, is to get the biggest bags possible.”

On if he’s fighting strictly for money while others are fighting for glory, legacy, etc.

“Yep. And I have no interest in fighting those guys, because I’m bigger than all of ‘em. I’m a superstar, they’re nobodies. I’m happy, they’re not. I have everything that they want and there’s nothing they can do about it — apart from get yourself in line, get yourself mandatory by ten organizations, fight eliminator after eliminator for no money, like I did. And take ten years getting there, and when you get there and you’ve been the lineal champion for the longest ever, then come back to me and preach.”

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