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‘Smith is going to knock Beterbiev spark out’: Eddie Hearn sees definitive win for Callum Smith

Eddie Hearn is brimming with confidence that Callum Smith will put off a stunning knockout win over Artur Beterbiev this weekend.

Eddie Hearn talks about this weekend’s light heavyweight title fight.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn talks to media members and makes it clear that he’s backing Callum Smith to put on a spectacular knockout of Artur Beterbiev this weekend, before touching on his intention to put that winner against Dmitry Bivol. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below.

“Callum Smith is going to knock Beterbiev spark out,” Hearn said. “You know, like a face down knockout...he’s going to be up against the ropes and Beterbiev is going to come in like he does, he’s going to screw up his feet, and Callum’s going to do what he does best, which is catch-counter with the left hook. One punch knockout.

“(Beterbiev’s) definitely slipping, he’s like 39 years old. But he’s also a beast, he’s unbelievable. But sooner or later...

“I know Beterbiev’s the favorite. I’m not saying he’s not the favorite, but I can see it in my own eyes — this one punch knockout.

“Whatever happens, we will try to make Bivol against the winner of that fight...Mauricio Sulaiman is saying that fight cannot be for the undisputed because the WBC will not allow (Bivol) to fight for the WBC title because he’s from Russia.

“I respect Mauricio Sulaiman, he’s a friend of mine. We don’t always agree with everything. It’s difficult because Dmitry’s our friend and he’s probably one of the most nicest, peaceful guys you could ever meet. I just feel like if I didn’t know Dmitry I probably wouldn’t feel as strongly about this. I don’t think a man’s legacy should be defined by one or a small group of people running his country that he does not agree with that regime or movement.

“I think if (Bivol) turned around and said ‘yes, I support this’ then I agree, but I think it’s very difficult when a guy is going ‘no, I don’t even know anything about that, I’m just just training in LA, I’m a man of peace. I want everyone to get along.’”

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