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‘Lying Ryan is scared to death’: Bill Haney rips Ryan Garcia for turning back on fight

Bill Haney says many top fighters talk a lot but have been avoiding facing his son.

Devin Haney looks for his next big fights at 140 but hasn’t had great success getting the biggest names to the table.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Bill Haney took some time to get a number of things off his chest, mostly revolving around fighters who he believes are doing whatever in their power to keep away from facing Devin Haney. Here’s some excerpts of what he had to say.

Bill Haney on wanting to face Ryan Garcia before he did an about-face

“Lying Ryan said [Haney vs Prograis] did 30(k) and the other people said 50(k). Ya’ll don’t even know how many PPVs it was. I could tell you it was a million and you still wouldn’t don’t make no difference, you scared to death.

“You know Lying Ryan is scared to death. He jumped in grown folks’ business and raised his hand. That’s why I said he can’t be La Raza. He can’t be from Northern California, where I grew up. He can’t be one of them.

“We had thought Ryan had went crazy when he raised his hand talking about he was gonna fight Devin. It surprised everybody. And then guess what, he went back into who he is.”

On a potential fight against Adrien Broner

“AB is going to be commentating at Devin’s fight before he gets into the ring with Devin, I guarantee you that...AB might be a referee at Devin’s fight, a judge, concession man, something, anything else but being in the ring with Dev. I guarantee you that. You can ask him. Ain’t no money in the world.”

On his run-in with Bernard Hopkins

“I told Bernard that we can go to jail or hell about my son. That’s old school...’Go to the bathroom.’ Go wherever you wanna go. But when we get through going wherever we going, you gonna understand about playing with my son.”

On Teofimo Lopez

“Tell Teofimo Lopez, Teofimo Lopez Sr, stop talking about a decorated real two-time undisputed champion in Crawford. You got Devin Haney problems. You done ran and played enough games.

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