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‘It’s hard to tell’: Stephen ‘Breadman’ Edwards talks about Teofimo Lopez’s chances against Terence Crawford

The trainer breaks down his thoughts on a prospective fight between Teofimo Lopez and Terence Crawford.

Teofimo Lopez has been suggesting he wants to fight Terence Crawford, but can he contend at 147?
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

With Teofimo Lopez making some noise by barking up the tree of Terence Crawford, well respected trainer Stephen ‘Breadman’ Edwards shares his thoughts on how that matchup could play out, and why he needs to see a little more from Lopez before he’d be convinced he can hang with Crawford in the ring.

Edwards on Teofimo Lopez calling out Terence Crawford and how he views that matchup

“I just don’t know. I haven’t seen Teo at 147, it’s hard to tell. He just got to 140 and he was the underdog against Josh Taylor. Now you’re asking him to go up to ‘47 and fight a guy that in my opinion is on the same level as Mayweather and Leonard. I don’t know. It’s just too hard to tell because I don’t know.

“I think the world of Teo. I watched that Josh Taylor fight, I kept watching it like ‘My God, how on can you be for a big night.’ That was just special in my opinion. And I picked Teofimo to pick Josh Taylor, you know what I mean, but I don’t know if you can mess with Crawford.

“I’m not saying he can’t, I just got to see more of what he’s going to do at ‘40, how he handles guys. If he fights Devin Haney or someone like that, then I can get a better gauge of what he’s dealing with.

“Hats off to Teofimo for even wanting that kind of smoke. I respect the kid a lot, but Loma is a small guy. Josh Taylor is very skilled guy, was a top guy, but he doesn’t have the natural talent and athleticism that we’re talking about. Terence Crawford, urban style — I don’t want to get into the Black/White thing but it’s a little different. Dealing with Crawford and his athleticism, his reflexes and his quick twitch — even though Loma got that kind of stuff, but Loma’s a lot smaller.

“If Teofimo Lopez take that fight they need to put that boy in the Hall of Fame right away. That’s how I feel about that because we’re in the era of businessmen and he take that kind of smoke, I have to respect him — I don’t care if he win or lose. That’s a major, major fight.”

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