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‘We can make that happen’: Teofimo Lopez explains his interest in facing Terence Crawford

Teofimo Lopez credits Terence Crawford, but says they can still settle their dispute over who the better fighter is.

Teofimo Lopez believes he’s close enough in weight to Terence Crawford for them to meet inside the ring.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In a lengthy video interview with Ak and Barak, Teofimo Lopez breaks down why he’s been calling out Terence Crawford, and how a number of the other top fighters around his weight class backed down from the opportunity to fight him when push came to shove. Here are some excerpts from the interview with full video above.

“He is a two-time undisputed world champion and that’s all kudos to Terence Crawford,” Lopez said. “I cannot take away from the fact that how he dominated the 147 lb division and how he shows why he is the undisputed champion to this day.

“When it comes to it, I’m not going to try to discredit or take away all the accomplishments he did from ‘35 to ‘40 to now ‘47. That’s solidified Hall of Famer...but that’s what makes great fights happen like this. You got to call out those guys because that’s what makes the best fight the best and that’s what brings boxing back to where it’s at, like it’s always been.

“This is the Terence Crawford era, then that’s the guy...I give him his flowers. However, I’m a fighter as well and I know I’m the best and he says he’s the best. So we’re not too far away in weight class and we can make that happen.”

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