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‘If you want a money fight, let’s run it’: Deen the Great calls out Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia, Shakur Stevenson

Crossover boxing standout Deen the Great continues to call out top pro boxing names.

Deen the Great
Deen the Great continues to call out top pro boxers
Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Crossover boxer “Deen the Great” is continuing his call-out circus, once again taking aim at Gervonta “Tank” Davis, Ryan Garcia, and Shakur Stevenson in an interview today during Misfits Boxing’s latest card.

Deen has done this before, and keeps doing it, and with the mess around Ryan Garcia trying (or not trying too hard?) to find a fight, you just never know. Even for boxing, boxing is weird these days.

“I know Tank just converted to Islam so he’s my brother, but we still gotta run it. We can do it in Saudi if he wants, so we can go pray together after,” he said today in Leeds.

“Shakur Twitterson, he was a fan at first, then all of a sudden he turned into a hater after he seen that all these other big fighters wanted to call me out. So since he wants some smoke, I’m gonna go to Houston and whoop that ass.

“Ryan Garcia, Ryan, too. Ryan’s been calling in and out of fights, ducking Shakur and ducking all these fighters. So Ryan, if you want a fight, a money fight, somebody that can sell a fight, let’s run it, my boy.”

The only fully, professionally sanctioned fight that Deen the Great has had to date came against Walid Sharks in 2022 in Austin, Texas, a third round TKO. He does have three “pro” fights within the sanctioning of Misfits cards in the United Kingdom, including a rematch with Walid last October in Manchester, where Deen got hurt and had to survive against someone who is not exactly Tank Davis, Shakur Stevenson, or Ryan Garcia.

He is, for what it’s worth, the reigning Misfits Boxing lightweight champion.

It goes without saying that however much Deen may stand out from the pack as a crossover boxer — and he does — we’re talking miles between that and top-level pros like Davis, Stevenson, or even Garcia, who has far more doubters than the other two.

But he keeps saying it, so whatever! Get him a pro fight. Even do one of these if you can get someone to sanction it, or bring them onto a Misfits-sanctioned show and do it that way, if the BBBofC would allow something that could be genuinely dangerous. Let’s see if he can walk that walk.

Hey, Francis Ngannou held up against Tyson Fury, what the hell? Let’s not pretend this is a truly organized professional sport with standards.

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