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‘That’s where the near future is’: Tim Tsyzu expects to be fighting Stateside through the next portion of his career

Tim Tszyu says he’s signed a multi-fight deal in the U.S. and expects to be fighting there for immediate future, with a Keith Thurman fight set next.

Tim Tszyu is no longer wasting his time looking for a fight against Jermell Charlo.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Tim Tsyzu prepares for his next upcoming fight against Keith Thurman, he talks to media members a little about the fight, his career aspirations, and why he’s finally reached the conclusion that he’ll never get the Jermell Charlo fight he’s wanted. No longer focused on Charlo, Tsyzu looks for the next things to come. Here’s some excerpts of what he had to say.

Tszyu on what version of Keith Thurman he’s expecting considering he’s been out of action for a while

“The one that drops under six (rounds), that’s the one that’s coming...he’s got the caliber, his names have definitely been much better than my ones, the resume is much higher — I agree with that. But he’s never faced a Tim Tszyu in his life so that’s the most challenging part for him.”

On his planned American takeover

“Knock ‘em all out. Knock ‘em all out, let them squeal and feel it all. Simple.”

On if he expects to continue fighting exclusively in America at this point in his career

“I love Australia. I’m not the type of guy that waits. If I’m going to be waiting six, 12 months for a fight, that’s not going to be me. And if the boys can make a fight in between, I will fight in Australia. But right now we have signed a multi-fight deal in America and that’s where we’re all are heading towards there, and that’s where the near future is.”

On if he genuinely expects to knock Thurman out

“In my mind, yes. I believe the next eight weeks and they way I’ve been approaching this camp that when I peak, I peak. And he will feel it. And he will feel that he’s never been in the ring with anyone like me.”

On any frustration that he didn’t get a Charlo fight

“I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m never going to fight him because he’s a bit of a coward and finally all the sanctioning bodies are realizing that he’s a fraud. He worked so hard to win the belts and you’ve got to go even harder to keep them.

“And what he did do? He just stopped fighting and it’s unfair for the rest of the division. It’s held us all up for the last two, three years. So let him go into hiding and into his little holiday, whatever he does. It’s not my concern, he’s not on the radar at all.”

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