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‘I ain’t worried’: Ohara Davies focused, but not overly concerned about Ismael Barroso

Ohara Davies takes aim at a shot at the WBA title with a win over Ismael Barroso this weekend.

Ohara Davies says Ismael Barroso needs to be concerned about all the advantages he has in the ring.
Ohara Davies says Ismael Barroso needs to be concerned about all the advantages he has in the ring.
Photo by Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Ohara Davies gets set for this weekend’s fight against Ismael Barroso and what would be a subsequent WBA title shot, he talks to Fight Hype about working his way back to contention and why he’s not fully optimistic that he’ll be fighting Rolando “Rolly” Romero in his next outing.

Ohara Davies on being on a big stage again

“I’ve got to try to stay levelheaded...right now the main thing on my mind is Ismael Barroso on Saturday night. I need to get rid of him. I’ve got a job to do. If I don’t do a good job, all this stops. So I’ve got to make sure I take care of business first...this stuff is only going to continue dependent on me performing well on Saturday night.”

On if he views Barroso as a top level fighter who’s genuinely dangerous

“He’s a very top level, hard punching guy. But I hit harder than him and everyone’s concerned with the power that he’s got but he needs to be concerned about the punching power that I’ve got, the reach I’ve got, the sharpness I’ve got, the youth I’ve got, the fitness I’ve got. I ain’t worried.”

On who he most wants to fight

“As far as I’m concerned Rolly’s got a fight against me after I get this win. It’s been ordered by the WBA, that’s the only reason this fight is even here...after this Rolly, you either fight against me or you vacate the belt. So I’ve just got to wait and see about that.

“I think Rolly’s probably going to give up the belt. He’s just going to vacate the belt. I’ve heard that he’s weighing about 190 lbs right now and his mind’s not in the gym, he’s not focused. I don’t see that fight happening next but we’ll see.”

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