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‘We get down where we get mad at’: Bill Haney gets into confrontation with Bernard Hopkins

Bill Haney and Bernard Hopkins shared a small exchange over the weekend, highlighting some underlying tension.

Bill Haney wasn’t intimated by the antics of Bernard Hopkins.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Bill Haney spent some time talking to Fight Hub TV about the situation between his son and Ryan Garcia, with Garcia apparently changing his mind and instead pursuing a fight with Rolando Romero

“We don’t what’s going to happen with Ryan,” Haney said. “We know he raised his hand, I thought I had respect for him. Maybe he’s not what they say ‘La Raza.’ Is he respresenting La Raza or not?”

At that time Golden Boy promoter Bernard Hopkins pulled up on Bill, inviting him for a private conversation (or perhaps not so much talking) to take place in the back.

“Let’s go to the bathroom. I want to talk to you in the bathroom for a minute,” Hopkins would say to Haney.”

Bill Haney would stand his ground and tell Hopkins that whatever he wants to talk about, they could do it right where they were standing.

“I don’t know if he been in jail too long, but we get down where we get mad at,” Haney would say.

Moments later there would be a little dust up with Hopkins with a little pushing and shoving, none of which particularly phased Bill Haney.

“A bunch of pushing and shoving...if it was real, it would be on the battlefield.

“B-Hop, did B-Hop tell me to follow him? He said go to the bathroom like be bully on everyone else. When I follow him to the bathroom what he do? He went the other way.”

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