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‘See ya’ll in June’: Shakur Stevenson says he’ll be back in action this summer

Only weeks after supposedly retiring from the sport, Shakur Stevenson says he’s ready to resume his career.

Shakur Stevenson says he can’t stay away from the sport he loves.
Shakur Stevenson says he can’t stay away from the sport he loves.
Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Less than two full weeks after announcing his retirement from boxing on social media, Shakur Stevenson now announces that he’ll be making his return this summer, with the hash tag ‘chasing greatness’ that followed.

“I’ll fight any and everybody, this is what I do. See ya’ll in June,” Stevenson posted on X.

When a commenter mentioned the abrupt 180 degree turn from Stevenson, particularly given it’s been less than a month of ‘retirement,’ Stevenson joked that he just couldn’t stay away.

“I know, right. Couldn’t keep myself away from it. Love this shit too much,” Stevenson posted.

That Stevenson will be returning to the ring comes as no surprise to just about anybody, as no one took his retirement claim seriously, but the optics surrounding it all isn’t going to endear Stevenson to fans much as the whole charade was painfully transparent from the beginning.

No opponent has been mentioned at this stage.

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