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‘Come back when you’ve finished your tantrum’: Eddie Hearn reacts to Shakur Stevenson’s retirement announcement

Eddie Hearn is obviously not buying into Shakur Stevenson’s supposed retirement.

Eddie Hearn advises Shakur Stevenson to stop pouting.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Eddie Hearn advises Shakur Stevenson to stop pouting as he’ll turn off boxing fans.

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn shares a dose of reality on the supposed retirement announcement of Shakur Stevenson.

Stevenson has recently done a lengthy interview where he essentially admits that he’s not fully retired and more so just waiting on the sidelines for a big fight opportunity — which is ironic considering he spent much time complaining about false narratives in boxing while simultaneously pushing his own — and here Hearn says Stevenson just needs to stop pouting for attention.

Hearn on Shakur Stevenson’s supposed retirement announcement

“It’s ridiculous. Like I don’t even know why we give this kind of stuff airtime. Like Shakur Stevenson, one of the best pound for pound fighters on the planet, he’s so boring. How old is the guy, 26. Of course he’s not retiring. Just say to him ‘Alright, mate. Bye. Come back to us when you’ve finished your tantrum.’

“What Shakur Stevenson should be doing is actually getting off Twitter because I rate him as one of the top fighters in the you think a fan wants to read about Shakur Stevenson sulking about the politics of boxing and saying he’s retiring and then when he comes back, what, do you expect people to support him even more?

“Just think about what you’re saying. His time will come. He’s moaning because the WBA have ordered Navarrete and Berinchyk, this is the rules of boxing. He’s the WBC world champion, they’re not going to order the WBC world champion to fight for the WBO title...and guess what? When Navarrete beats Berinchyk I would think Top Rank would make Shakur Stevenson against Navarrete for a unification.

“So he’s just sulking. You don’t need to sulk, you’re in a good position, and the fans don’t like sulking.”

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