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‘Getting my lick back’: Jamaine Ortiz ready to avenge amateur loss to Teofimo Lopez, become world champion

Jamaine Ortiz takes on Teofimo Lopez on Feb. 8 as we lead into Super Bowl weekend.

Jamaine Ortiz looks forward to his next big opportunity on Thursday.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Jamaine Ortiz gets ready for his next big opportunity this Thursday night when he challenges Teofimo Lopez for his 140 title, Ortiz talks to media members about the fight and his confidence level heading into the bout. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Ortiz on Lopez saying he doesn’t have a champion’s heart to beat him

“I’ll show him Feb. 8 that I do have that championship heart and he’s going to be questioning himself once again on Feb. 8 if he still has it, and if he got that heart. But Feb. 8, I’m bringing my heart, I’m bringing everything, my soul, my whole body. I’m willing to risk my life in the ring, Feb. 8.”

On if there’s any animosity between Lopez and himself or is their banter only competitive

“Just getting my lick back. He beat me before (in the amateurs) and I still have that in my head that he beat me once, and I’m going to revenge that loss. So it’s more than that. I know he talked shit before with my fight with Lomachenko, that I was going to last four rounds. Then he want to be all buddy-buddy with me after the fight and say I did such a great job and thought I won. So that two-faced bullshit, I don’t fuck with it and Feb. 8 he’s going to get a piece of me.”

On he thinks makes him better than Lopez

“I got more dog than him. I’m gonna show that. I’m a real dog.”

On how he’d compare his fight against Lomachenko to when Lopez fought him

“The difference in the fights was I think there was more inactivity from Lomachenko when Teofimo got them early rounds and I feel like Lomachenko beat Teofimo up more in the later rounds than Lomachenko got the best of me in the later rounds.”

On what changes he’s made since the Lomachenko fight to perform better in the later rounds

“We definitely worked on them championship rounds. I learned how important them championship rounds are and to win those rounds, and guarantee I’m gonna win those championship rounds this time around.”

On what he makes of the Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero vs Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz matchup

“I think I got Pitbull winning. I don’t know. To me they both suck so I don’t care.”

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