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‘Just keep it cool’: Oscar De La Hoya responds to insults from Rolando Romero

Oscar De La Hoya reacts to the taunts made to him by Rolando Romero and Mayweather Promotions.

Oscar De La Hoya urges Rolando Romero to slow down with the disrespect.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya talks to Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV about all the insults thrown his way by Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero all through social media and beyond. In this interview De La Hoya explains how he’s continually blocked by Al Haymon from doing business with PBC fighters and how that doesn’t serve the interest of boxing.

Obviously this is hardly a first time complaint from De La Hoya on this particular subject, but he says it continues to be an issue. Check out some excerpts from the conversation below.

De La Hoya on the Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero vs Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz fight and the comments made about him by Rolly

“I’ve worked with Bob Arum. I’ve worked with Eddie Hearn. I’ve worked with Sampson. I’ve worked with all these —but for some reason working with Al Haymon is like impossible. And now he has his fighters talking shit about me and this and that, Rolly saying ‘oh, fuck Golden Boy,’ and like relax, dude. The fight’s not against me.

“I’m trying to get you the most money possible and now you’re fighting for pennies on the dollar on a platform that you don’t even know of. You never fought on that so how do you know it’s better than ours?”

“Look, I actually love the kid. Rolly, he’s a character. He’s funny. He’s genuinely funny. And I think deep down inside he’s a nice kid. But you don’t disrespect, you know? Like, there’s no need for it, you know, it’s all good. You’re not fighting me. I mean, if I would’ve fought you I would’ve knocked your ass out easy. But you’re not fighting me so just keep it cool.”

On Leonard Ellerbe calling his characterizing his proposal to Rolly as a “shitty offer”

“Trust me, it would’ve been the most money he would’ve ever made in any fight. But like I said before, Al Haymon is notorious and great at undoing fights. He’s great at that. Why do you think Keith Thurman is fighting for, what, the first time in two years. Rolly is fighting again once in a year and a half.

“All the fighters with PBC, they fight like once every two years. What is that? That’s not a way to build your legacy. That’s not a way to give fight fans the best fight. That’s not the way to do things. And then you come out talking shit? Just don’t do that. I’m fed up with it, I’m tired of it. It’s not getting to me, don’t worry about it, because I’m doing my own thing. But just think. Just think.”

On if he thinks Pitbull will beat Rolly and be in line to fight Ryan Garcia

“It’s definitely going to be Pitbull. Absolutely. He’s going to probably knock him out. Absolutely...They’re both going to weigh in at 140 and I’m not sure how high Rolly goes but Pitbull is one hell of a pressure fighter...we’ll see if Pitbull merits an opportunity.”

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