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Boxing Movie Reviews

Palookaville earns Grand Jury Prize at 2023 Slamdance Film Festival

The film about a man who believes he’s legendary boxer Joe Louis won the top honor in Slamdance’s Episodes section

Palookaville director Theodore Collatos talks Joe Louis, surrealism, and the Slamdance Film Festival

The writer and director of Palookaville discusses his project with Bad Left Hook ahead of a premiere at the 2023 Slamdance Film Festival

George Foreman biopic adds actors from The Sopranos, The Wire

Lawrence Gilliard Jr and Al Sapienza have unspecified roles in the upcoming 2023 release

Kali Reis film “Catch the Fair One” releases new official trailer

The award-winning independent film hits theaters and digital platforms on February 11th

Actor Dolph Lundgren hints at a future Rocky franchise film focused on Ivan Drago

"I must watch you."

Review: Showtime’s “Ringside” doc a compelling look at boxing stories not often told

Showtime’s gripping documentary tells the tale of two fighters from the Southside of Chicago.

Movie Review: ‘Diggstown’ has earned its status as a minor cult favorite

Though nothing particularly original or great, Diggstown remains a thoroughly fun watch 28 years after its release.

Movie Review: The Great White Hype has moments, but doesn’t fully deliver on its potential

The 1996 satire takes aim at a failing boxing business and the schemes its money men are willing to back.

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With boxing on hiatus at the moment due to COVID-19, we’re looking back at some great (and not so great) efforts in boxing’s rich history on film.

Movie Review: ‘Rocky’ is boxing’s greatest film success, and Stallone’s crowning achievement

The Best Picture winner for 1976 may not be the best boxing film ever made, but it is the greatest success in the sport’s rich history on film, and a lasting phenomenon.

Movie Review: Stacy Keach fights himself and a hopeless life in ‘Fat City’

The Boxing Movie Review series continues with the John Huston-directed Fat City from 1972.

Movie Review: Bogart goes out fighting in The Harder They Fall

Bogart’s final film is the subject of our first boxing movie review here during this downtime for the sport itself.

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