John Fury On Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua Collapse


John Fury gave his take on Tyson Fury's latest fight updates, after a bout with Anthony Joshua on August 14th in Saudi Arabia collapsed. His son has now agreed to fight Deontay Wilder for a third time.

Mark Breland hits back at Wilder ACCUSATIONS


Mark Breland hits back at Wilder accusations. Admits Wilder will never beat Fury.

Charr vs Lovejoy Legendary Nights


Yes the real fight of night, the one we’ve all been waiting for. The Great champion in recess Mahmoud Carr against the mystical unicorn himself. Chris Lovejoy

The corners in the GGG-Canelo 2 fight...


I thought this was really appropriate--Reynoso and Sanchez giving great advice. At one point, you can hear Sanchez say (I think): "You're losing." He whispers it in GGG's ear. At another you here Reynoso tell Canelo not to try to knock out GGG because he's too strong (I bet he has not hear that too often). I have to say that I'm more impressed with Reynoso in this bout, but it's worth a watch.

Escape to glory: The intoxicating myth of boxing as ‘a way out’


A great read about the uneasy connection between the middle class and the great black British boxers of the early '90's.

Gongora rules...


I missed this--it obv went up prior to Gongora's last fight, but he seems very down to earth, and for a promo youtube vid, I thought it was interesting and showed his character. It's really too bad he didn't get a shot at better fights earlier in his career, as he is already 31, but there you go.

Brief Lives: Virgil "Honeybear" Akins


Finally, after all the hard years toiling in hothouse gyms and all the years crisscrossing the country as an itinerant journeyman—smoke-filled halls, catcalls and hisses when facing the local hero, narrow losses tallied on doubtful scorecard after doubtful scorecard—Virgil Akins became one of The Chosen. It took "Honeybear" more than a decade to win the welterweight title, and when he did, it vaulted him into nefarious proceedings that would lead, ultimately, to the downfall of the capo di tutti capi of boxing himself: Frankie Carbo, aka (depending on the day) Mr. Fury or Mr. Gray. And while Akins never openly rued his limited reign as champion the way his successor, the radioactive Don "Geronimo" Jordan, did, he never saw the title as a blessing: "Some get the breaks, and some don’t," he said once. "Being world champion was the biggest break I ever got, but it didn’t lead nowhere."

Power Surge: Gervonta Davis and That Elusive Star Quality


Whether or not Davis ever crashes the mainstream, the fact remains that he has nearly all of the characteristics necessary for popular sports recognition. Davis has a compelling backstory, a promotional relationship with Floyd Mayweather Jr. (somewhat stormy, although kayfabe can never be ruled out), a boorish social media presence, and, above all, he answers the bell for every fight determined to bring the pain. There is also a certain cartoon villainy to Davis that promises future negative appeal. He entered the ring against Santa Cruz wearing a sombrero and a color-coordinated outfit based on the Mexican national flag, all to mock the partisan crowd in Texas. (A few years ago, the novelist Lionel Shriver caused a ruckus by donning a sombrero during a lecture and thereby raising the risible specter of cultural appropriation, but boxing labors under no such moral ordinances.)

What It's REALLY Like To Fight Tyson Fury


After beating Deontay Wilder in their February rematch, Tyson Fury has put himself, most would agree, as the top name in the division. Here, from the perspective of his opponents, sparring partners and anylists, we take a look at just what it would be like to face the smooth-moving 6 foot 9 switch-hitter.

Response to LDBC fan's emotional breakdown over Wilder losing


Response to LDBC fan's emotional breakdown over Wilder losing to Fury.