Cotto vs Geale analysis and bet prediction


Betting prediction and analysis for tonight's Cotto/Geale fight

That Bottom Line: Miguel Cotto-Daniel Geale Preview


Cotto, 39-4 (32), is one of the few cash cows of the sport, meaning he can pick and choose his opponents and how he wants to fight them. So, naturally, Saturday night will take place at a catchweight of 157 pounds, three below the middleweight maximum. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. he is not, but Cotto won’t soon tire of reminding everyone that he believes he is now in a position where he deserves these concessions. Since when does the sport owe anything to one of its fighters? This prompts another question: Does Cotto still have that desire to fight? The answer: Probably not. Click link for more from The Cruelest Sport.

An interesting look at Floyd Sr.'s mindset


I found his thoughts interesting, especially on Floyd Jr's heel persona and thoughts on being a trainer: When it was suggested that his son embraced his role as a villain, Mayweather, Sr., recoiled. "Who do you think likes being hated? Nobody!" Pretty interesting read.

The Weekend Ahead


After Canelo-Kirkland and GGG-Monroe, A lot of good fights ahead of us. Check out the previews.

Rankings Updated 5/11/2015


HEY! We have rankings again here at BLH. These are just one man's damnfool opinion, and simply something I like doing for fun, so I figured why not just put it up on the site, too? Anyway, you can access these here, and they will be updated every Monday morning, even if nothing changed the past week and none of the 180 fighters had a fight. The rankings can also always be accessed under the Library tab at the top of the page.

This Knockout Is a Model Turned Boxing Contender


Nightline story - "Mikaela Mayer is one of the world's top amateur female boxers and she's punching her way towards Olympic gold."

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao prediction


Prefight analysis and prediction for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight

Analysis of Mayweather-Pacquiao Judges


Review of assigned judging officials for May 2, along with potential impact.