Scott on SB Nation Radio TODAY!


I'll be a guest on Straight Heat with Patrick Creighton today around 6:40 pm ET / 3:40 pm PT to talk Canelo-Jacobs. You can listen live at SB Nation Radio. I probably won't say anything you haven't read me say already, but you CAN listen to hear me combat my old radio interview habit of talking too fast and running myself out of breath.

Rankings Updated 5/11/2015


HEY! We have rankings again here at BLH. These are just one man's damnfool opinion, and simply something I like doing for fun, so I figured why not just put it up on the site, too? Anyway, you can access these here, and they will be updated every Monday morning, even if nothing changed the past week and none of the 180 fighters had a fight. The rankings can also always be accessed under the Library tab at the top of the page.

GGG and Verne Troyer


You may remember I posted a photo of GGG and Peter Dinklage a month or so ago. Now he's posing with mini-me. Draw your own conclusions.

Adrien Broner/Deontay Wilder Fight Poster


Adrien Broner and Deontay Wilder featured on local Cincinnati card I attended years ago..Stumbled upon interesting fight poster

TONIGHT: SiriusXM At the Fights at 6 pm EST


I will be a guest tonight on SiriusXM Friday Night at the Fights with guest host Luke Thomas of and former heavyweight contender Gerry Cooney to talk Mayweather-Pacquiao. The show starts at 6 pm EST, so tune in!

Fighters support Michael Brown and Eric Garner


Zab Judah, Peter Quillin, Andre Berto, Shawn Porter, and more fighters were on hand in Las Vegas this weekend and showing their support for the Eric Garner and Michael Brown protests. (Photo by Keith "Champ" Creed)



Did you see check out the string of fun images Lara posted trying to get a fight with Alvarez, Mayweather Jr. and GGG?

Miguel Cotto gets front row seats to the Michelle Rodriguez And Cara Delevingne show


At last night's Knicks game. More pictures here -