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Fantasy Boxing Matchups

Fantasy Matchup: Would De La Hoya beat McGregor in 2020?

The fight has been a top of discussion lately, so cards on the table, would the Golden Boy beat the UFC star in 2020?

Fantasy Matchup: Hearns vs Trinidad

Two big welterweight punchers from different eras. Who wins?

Fantasy Matchup: Ward vs Calzaghe

Someone’s "0" would have to go, which it never did in real life.

Fantasy Matchup: Ali vs Holmes, both in their primes

The heavyweight legends did meet in 1980, but what if they’d fought with both at their very best?

Fantasy Matchup: Lomachenko vs Marquez

Two highly skilled champions, each bringing something different to the table. Who wins between Loma and JMM?

Fantasy Matchup: Shields vs Ali

Shields has made the challenge for today, but who would win between Claressa and the best version of Laila Ali?

Fantasy Matchup: De La Hoya vs Forrest

Two welterweights who could have met in the early 2000s, but never did.

Fantasy Matchup: Golovkin vs Toney

GGG vs Lights Out at middleweight. Who wins?

Fantasy Boxing Matchup: Gatti vs Corrales

Two of the great warriors in boxing history make for today’s fantasy matchup.

Fantasy Matchup: Frazier vs Holyfield

We go back to the heavyweights today with legends of different eras: "Smokin’" Joe Frazier and Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield.

Fantasy Matchup: Canelo vs Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins has helped promote Canelo Alvarez, but how would he have battled him in the ring?

Fantasy Matchup: Robinson vs Leonard

Two Sugar Rays, two different eras for boxing. Who wins head-to-head?

Fantasy Matchup: Pacquiao vs Hamed

Two dynamic featherweight stars who never crossed paths in the ring. Who would’ve won?

Fantasy Matchup: Jones vs Foster

In another fantasy matchup, we’re matching up greats in the light heavyweight division.

This stream has:

BLH Fantasy Boxing Series

With no fights coming any time soon, why not some fantasy matchups to yell about?

Fantasy Matchup: Mayweather vs Chavez

It’s another fantasy matchup, this time at 130 pounds with a couple of modern AND all-time greats.

Fantasy Matchup: Marciano vs Tyson

Who wins between "The Brockton Blockbuster" and "Iron" Mike?

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