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Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV: Roach claims additional drug testing was offered, Marquez turned it down

Freddie Roach claims they tried to get additional drug testing for the upcoming Pacquiao - Marquez fight. However, according to Roach, Marquez's camp refused.

Jeff Bottari

Freddie Roach, always a quotable individual regardless, has made some very forward comments this week concerning Juan Manuel Marquez's ability to bulk up and the role of strength and conditioning coaches. Now, he has made another accusation.

In an interview with Boxing Scene, Roach tells us that they did request additional drug testing. However, according to Roach, Marquez's camp turned down the offer. Here is what he had to say:

"Well, we tried to get testing done but they refused to do it so we didn't get the voluntary drug testing. It has to be voluntary and they said no. So what are we going to do? We're going to do what we can but it's not going to help him though because (we'll) kick his ass no matter what."

Freddie has really been on a roll this week. To me, he sounds like a nervous individual not looking forward to what's about to happen.

Either way, if Pacquiao's team truly did request additional testing, and if it was turned down, it would be a major story. Naturally, the problem here is that Freddie could just be talking out of his ass. In order to give something like this some weight there needs to be actual evidence of the offer taking place, and more witnesses than just a fighter's trainer that could be spewing sour grapes.

Neither man, not Pacquiao or Marquez, has ever participated in additional drug testing before a boxing match. Therefore, it could make Roach's claim seem a little dubious. Why hasn't Pacquiao, the second most powerful boxer in the world and the internationally most well-known, ever requested additional testing before? If one is as good and popular as Manny, people will do anything to knock him off and take his place. Mayweather realized this a few years back. Are you telling me that Pacquiao and his team are just now coming to that conclusion? Please.

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