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Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana II

Mayweather: Maidana trying to pull a Margarito

Floyd Mayweather discusses training as he gets older, Alex Ariza, and the Maidana camp's insistence on certain gloves.

Mayweather media workout video

Floyd Mayweather is putting the final touches on his training camp ahead of his September 13 rematch with Marcos Maidana.

LIVE: Mayweather workout at 5:30 pm EDT

Floyd Mayweather hits the ring today to work out for media ahead of his September 13 rematch with Marcos Maidana. Check out the stream today at BLH.

Maidana's rematch game plan

Marcos Maidana had some success with Floyd Mayweather in May, but will need to go to another level to beat him on September 13.

Mayweather-Maidana 2: All Access Episode 1

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana are preparing to meet in their September 13 rematch on Showtime PPV. Check out the first episode of All Access.

Mexican legends see Maidana as kindred spirit

Marcos Maidana hails from Argentina, but has the aggressive and fearless style of some of the great Mexican fighters. Julio Cesar Chavez, Erik Morales, and more give Maidana credit for his Mexican-like determination.

Preview: Mayweather-Maidana 2 All Access

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana meet again on September 13, and Showtime Sports is with the fighters in the lead-up to the rematch.

Mayweather-Maidana PPV to start at 8 pm EDT

Pay-per-view is changing, as Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana will go on earlier than normal, giving both coasts a better start time for the event.

LIVE: Maidana workout stream, 3 pm EDT

Marcos Maidana will work out for the media today at 3:00 pm EDT, and you can watch the stream right here on BLH.

Leonard: Floyd-Maidana 2 will be more exciting

Legendary fighter Sugar Ray Leonard talks with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV about the Mayweather-Maidana rematch.

Mayweather-Maidana trash talk video

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana (or Robert Garcia) hype their September 13 fight with trash talk at their press stops.

Angulo on move to 160 to face De La Rosa

Alfredo Angulo is heading to the middleweight division on September 13 against James De La Rosa, a move he says has come because his body demands it.

Quotes: Maidana, Angulo, Santa Cruz

Marcos Maidana, Alfredo Angulo, and Leo Santa Cruz held a media roundtable to discuss their September 13 fights on Showtime PPV.

Maidana: Mayweather "not as good as people think"

Marcos Maidana says Floyd Mayweather isn't all that and explains he's made some minor changes to his game in preparation for the rematch.

Preview: Mayweather-Maidana II All Access

Showtime's All Access returns on August 30 with Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana once again the focus.

'Mayhem' card starting to take shape

Miguel Vazquez, Alfredo Angulo, and Leo Santa Cruz are all lined-up to be on the 'Mayhem' card.

Broner talks Sept. 6 fight, Mayweather-Maidana

Um, you know what, man, this is an Adrien Broner interview from last night on Showtime.

Mayweather: Maidana always does the same things

Floyd Mayweather gives Marcos Maidana his props (at the moment), but says that he's a predictable opponent.

Maidana: I don't find Mayweather difficult

Marcos Maidana says he didn't find Floyd Mayweather difficult the first time, and believes that experience will be vital in their rematch.

Mayweather-Maidana II to be shown in theaters

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana meet again on September 13, and you'll have the chance to see the fight on the big screen.

Vazquez-Bey reportedly set for Mayweather card

Miguel Vazquez will defend his IBF 135-pound belt against Mickey Bey on the Mayweather-Maidana II PPV undercard.

Mayweather responds to claims about his elbows

Floyd Mayweather spoke with Marcos Villegas about the promotion for his rematch with Marcos Maidana, plus accusations that he's a dirty fighter.

Mayweather-Pacquiao talk sparked again for May '15

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have danced around one another for half a decade now, and many fans are tired of even thinking about the idea. But it's back out there right now.

LIVE: Mayweather-Maidana LA presser, 4 pm EDT

Today at 4 pm EDT, Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana take to the stage again for another press conference, this time in Los Angeles.

Maidana: I'm smarter, more confident for rematch

Marcos Maidana says he's coming in better for the rematch than he did for his first fight against Floyd Mayweather.

Maidana shoves Mayweather in Chicago

Marcos Maidana appears to be done playing the easygoing good guy, as he gave Floyd Mayweather a little shove in Chicago.

Video: Mayweather-Maidana Chicago presser

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana hit Chicago to promote their September 13 rematch, and tensions have started to rise between the two rivals.

Mayweather, Maidana promise KO's in rematch

The press tour for "Mayhem" has produced some entertaining moments, and now each fighter is promising their September 13 rematch won't go the distance.

Mayweather-Maidana gloves will be sorted out soon

Eric Gomez of Golden Boy says the issue about which gloves Marcos Maidana can use in the rematch will finalized shortly.

Mayweather to continue with Golden Boy

Although Mayweather mentioned he had no intention of continuing his relationship with Golden Boy upon the depature of Richard Schaefer, he now say he will.

Mayweather-Maidana full press conference

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana hit Times Square yesterday to officially announce their September 13 rematch on Showtime PPV.

Bad guy 'Money' returns at Maidana presser in NYC

Floyd Mayweather started off in a good mood, but once the crowd turned against him in New York, he brought out the bad guy big guns at today's press conference for his rematch with Marcos Maidana.

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