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Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga II

WBC condemns staged brawl at Mosley's presser

The World Boxing Council made it a point to express its disapproval of the staged ruckus at the Mosley-Mayorga II presser.

Mosley-Mayorga II: Full Press Conference

Check out the full presser for Mosley-Mayorga II, which of course had a meltdown...

Pros & Cons: Mosley-Mayorga II

Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga meet again on Saturday in a rematch no one really asked to see. Should you buy the PPV?

Mosley-Mayorga II gets the green light

Don King failed in his bid to have the courts halt Shane Mosley's fight with Ricardo Mayorga this weekend. The fight will go on as scheduled.

Boxing TV schedule for Aug. 28-29

HEY! There's actual boxing this weekend, with fighters whose names you know!

Mosley: Say Hello to the Bad Guy

Shane Mosley doesn't care what you people think of him anymore, and doesn't mind playing the provocateur.

Mosley-Mayorga 2 in Miami court's hands today

Will Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga tangle again next weekend? That may be decided today in Miami.

King's lawyer: Mosley accusations are baseless

Don King and his legal team are firing back on Shane Mosley, claiming the fighter's accusations are nonsense.

Mosley: King suit fraudulent, fight will happen

Shane Mosley and his legal team believe they've caught Don King committing fraud, and the fighter says his rematch with Ricardo Mayorga will happen on August 29.

Mosley vs. Mayorga 2: Only $49.95 on PPV

The most anticipated rematch of the decade can be yours for just a fraction of "Mayweather vs. Pacquiao's" price.

Mosley-Mayorga II is actually happening

Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga will square off again. Why? Well, why not?

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