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Ruslan Provodnikov vs Lucas Matthysse

Highlights: Matthysse-Provodnikov brings the pain

Brutality? We got plenty of it in Lucas Matthysse's win over Ruslan Provodnikov last night on HBO.

Matthysse calls out Mayweather-Pacquiao winner

Lucas Matthysse wants a big fight next, and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya believes he deserves it.

Matthysse edges Provodnikov over 12

Ruslan Provodnikov wouldn't go away, but took a big beating in a loss to Lucas Matthysse tonight on HBO.

Matthysse-Provodnikov: Live updates and discussion

Lucas Matthysse faces Ruslan Provodnikov in a can't-miss fight that has the boxing world buzzing, and Terence Crawford looks for a world title in a second division.

Breakdown: Matthysse vs Provodnikov

Samuel Chen returns to BLH with a breakdown of the can't-miss fight between Lucas Matthysse and Ruslan Provodnikov.

Lederman previews Matthysse-Provodnikov

"If you turn on the television set to watch Ruslan Provodnikov against Lucas Matthysse, you're gonna see a great fight, and that's all there is to it."

Folo Punch: On PBC, Chavez-Fonfara, and more

James Foley returns to BLH with the latest edition of the always hot take-filled FOLO PUNCH!

Boxing TV schedule for April 17-18

It's a big weekend, with some big fights on HBO, Showtime, and more!

Spring Torrents: The Next Great Fight

Lucas Matthysse and Ruslan Provodnikov are on a collision course, as the two junior welterweight action stars meet on April 18.

GB officially announces Matthysse-Provodnikov

The two have fighters have been claiming that the deal was close the last few weeks, but now it's been sealed in ink.

Provodnikov: Matthysse fight likely for April 18

Ruslan Provodnikov and Lucas Matthysse are ready to rumble on some date at some venue. Just so long as it happens, we're all good.